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Case study: Parisian Love from Google

  Creativity is what the Google guys are always working on. It is no surprise that when it comes to advertising, with their surplus of creative talents, we are expecting something very very special and a must-be hit stuff. The … Continue reading

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Resume writing- the art of self-marketing

The job market is no different from the consumer market. Both has competition and in which, the product/service/ person needs a Unique Selling Proposition. “Differientiate or die” of Jack Trout teaches perfectly about differentiation, and I believe his book works perfectly … Continue reading

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Samsung S4 Stare down Challenge

To make a buzz advertising campaign, simple but creative games can be very effective. Samsung Galaxy S4 recently challenged commuters in Zurich, Switzerland to a “stare down”. The game utilizes the S4’s “smart pause” function- the technology which detects whether … Continue reading

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Case study”Dumb ways to die” campaign

Looking over the recent campaigns, I believe the Australians are quite good with their welfare marketing campaigns. Today, let’s look at the recent viral sensation on the Internet starting from this country. The purpose of this campaign reminds us that … Continue reading

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