Case study: Parisian Love from Google


Creativity is what the Google guys are always working on. It is no surprise that when it comes to advertising, with their surplus of creative talents, we are expecting something very very special and a must-be hit stuff. The popular Parisian Love from Google is their first appearance on the famous American Super Bowl ad.

If I am asked for predicting an ad from Google on the Super Bowl, something very crazy, funny, or astonishing special effects and design would be my expectation (Ads on the Super Bowl would be likely to go to the extremity). But here we come. That extremity from this Parisian Love of Google is simplicity. This ad must be a product of top creativity, which successfully spreads fascinating ideas through the simplest tools.

Let’s watch the ad.

When: 7th February, 2010

Where: At the Super Bowl- the annual championship game of American National Football League

Unique Selling Proposition: Simple
The idea behind is great, which tells a love story through keywords searched on Google. After watching this video, the audience must be stunned because they suddenly realized how close Google is with them throughout their life. In fact, remembering what I searched on Google, I would tell my love story exactly the same way Google did. A big wow! If I could look at the list of all the keywords searched on Google since my first Internet use, I would be reading a story of my lifetime!!!

The lesson is it is not about the tools you own, it is about the idea. Creativity is unlimited.


What a lot don’t know about this ad is it is created by “Google 5”- a team of students recruited from ad and design schools. The 5 program is just an experiment program from Google, which was a searching and gathering of talented students. These talents would work in the Creative Lab for a year and then be sent out to the industry. 

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