Missing People Pre-roll advertising- AFP

Pre-roll advertising is a short video advertisement that appears before a video you want to see. Most of the time, you must watch at least a duration of about 3 seconds before being able to skip it. Pre-roll advertising is highly measurable, which ensures the reach and frequency preferred. Today, pre-roll advertising has been moving towards interactive ad that attracts viewers more. And one of the first pre-roll advertising campaigns that creates recent buzz is the Missing Person Pre-roll of the Australian Federal Police.

Missing Person Pre-roll is a pre-roll advertising that appears before a Youtube video, showing photos of missing people that match with the geographical location of the current Youtube viewer. The ad asks whether you see this person or not. If no, you will skip to your main video. If yes, you will be directed to a link that helps you describe and assist the police to help find the missing man. Let’s watch this video for more info!

The Missing Person Pre-Roll from VML on Vimeo.

And this campaign surely opens a new lucrative trend of interactive creative pre-roll advertising that no more annoys customers and motivates them to do something helpful. Looking forwards to similar effective use of pre-roll advertising!

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