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Case study: “Here” Balloon, another good-purpose campaign

S-oil “Here” Balloon campaign is another marketing campaign that could solve reality problems of consumers. It has added proof to the changing trend of marketing towards “problem-solving” instead of just “informing customers”. Let’s watch this clip for summary of the … Continue reading

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New to web marketing? This is your first basics: SEO!

Whenever we search for a query in a search engine (Google, Bing…), web results containing that query appear. Most of the time, we click on the websites that are at the top of the list simply because of convenience. And … Continue reading

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Case study: McDonald- Near-field-communication “Happy table”

  Launched in Yishun, Singapore for testing before a wide application throughout Asia, McDonalds recently came up with a “Near-Field-Communication” Table. Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by … Continue reading

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Case study: Andes Beer- Teletransporter campaign

Andes Beer- the leading beer in the Andina Region of Argentina implemented a successful marketing campaign. They applied marketing that provided a business solution to customers’ problems. (This is a perfect example for the topic “Advertising- from Disruption to Invention” … Continue reading

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Advertising- from Disruption to Invention

For many years, advertising has long relied on media disruption. You are watching the Vietnam Idol, and just when the judges ready to announce the winner, advertising appears, “disrupts” the program and your attention. Or you are reading a magazine, … Continue reading

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[Reflection] Pizza Hut VN, stop producing that super-friendly robotic smile!

  Everyone must admit their strongest impression when dining at Pizza Hut VN restaurant chain is the super-friendly customer service from its staff. In fact, they are friendly in a robotic manner that makes the situation really weird. Eating at … Continue reading

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