[Reflection] Pizza Hut VN, stop producing that super-friendly robotic smile!


Everyone must admit their strongest impression when dining at Pizza Hut VN restaurant chain is the super-friendly customer service from its staff. In fact, they are friendly in a robotic manner that makes the situation really weird. Eating at Pizza Hut, you will be told by the waiters/waitresses to have a good meal and asked questions during the meal whether they are satisfied with the food. The problem is not with this polite and friendly customer service they try to produce, but with the repetitive, robo

tic and “mass-produced” questions and service. In my opinion, their training goes way better than staff training from other stores, but still not fully achieve the goals. Customers want good service, but not in a seem-to-be-hypocritical way like that. Really.

Beyond that, Pizza Hut seems to over-emphasize the power of customers. Their employees behave way too “servant-ly”. They always smile, bow and seem to always keep their heads low. I can feel that shy situation when some customers walk in the stores and suddenly feel like treated like V.I.Ps. And in their heads say: “They are just trained to be so. They do not really mean it. By the way, this friendliness is due to my thick pocket”. In this culture where relationship between people is important, being treated like kings so suddenly like this can create confusion and disatisfaction.

Therefore, from my point of view, the recommendation for Pizza Hut is if you want to make your service a USP, follow it properly. Once you train your employees, train them fully. Not stopping at training employees to smile and ask questions, but teach them how to do it in a more human proper manner. In addition, do not keep asking the same questions, bowing the same way and treating every customers the same. Excellent service should be customised. A good employee should be trained to be able to read the situation and apply proper manner to that, not just follow rigid rules and guidelines. You can argue that if applying this “contingent solution”, how can we supervise them? How to know when is the proper period to interupt customers meal and ask them feedback? How to know when it is better to keep silent to some customers? My argument is that it lies all in good training program. If you are able to train employees, so that they realize it is beneficial not only to the company but to themselves, they will do it without your supervision. Personal benefits should be realized.


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