Advertising- from Disruption to Invention

For many years, advertising has long relied on media disruption. You are watching the Vietnam Idol, and just when the judges ready to announce the winner, advertising appears, “disrupts” the program and your attention. Or you are reading a magazine, and suddenly there is an advertisement appearing in the middle of an article. And in the Internet and mobile phone era nowadays, media disruption has been utilized so much that it irritates customers. These annoying disruptions can be pop-up windows or videos, pre-roll advertising, or an advertising message to your mobile during your nap or stressful moments.

While still being effective on traditional media, such as TV, magazine, newspapers and radio, disruptions can be really irritating when it comes to mobile advertising. Consumers cannot prevent those advertisings, in addition, mobile advertising has the highest disruption level, easily pissing people off with an ad message to their phones. Therefore, we should question about the effectiveness of media disruption on the mobile platform.

The solution for this: a change from media disruption to business invention. Instead of disrupting consumers by sending those annoying messages, why should not we create value for them when advertising ?! That’s right! Advertising should provide a benefit- a business invention that creates value for consumers. The idea of this is: make advertising becomes a product that people need and use. Different from the traditional method, this innovative idea tries to make advertising more helpful to consumers, not only about giving information, but also solving a real problem.

I want to give examples of this innovative mobile marketing. Both of these advertising won the Spikes Award this year.

1/ Café Amazon: “Drive Awake” application

How can a café advertise itself? By coming up with a problem-solving application on smartphones, Café Amazon creates a totally new product and solution to consumers, whose underneath purpose is advertising. Watch the clip and you will understand.

2/ Huggies: “Tweet Pee sensor”

How did Huggies advertise on the mobile platform? By providing a solution through mobile applications and sensors for the parents. Have a look!

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