New to web marketing? This is your first basics: SEO!

Whenever we search for a query in a search engine (Google, Bing…), web results containing that query appear. Most of the time, we click on the websites that are at the top of the list simply because of convenience. And have you ever wondered why some websites rank better than the others? The answer is a web marketing technique called: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO aims at bringing visibility of a website in a search engine in order to increase its visitseaors. With SEO, we can increase our visibility on different types of search: image, video, academic, news or industry-specific search. And now, let’s watch this video clip for more details! A very Interesting and informative clip!


Summary of the “Ingredients” for success in SEO:

  • Words matter:  Search engine searches for words in websites. Of course, if you want the targeted people visiting our sites, your site should have those words in the content.
  • Titles matter: Each webpage has its own title. Because the title is often the summary of the content, those sites with titles being the search query term rank higher.
  • Links matter: A webpage that has a lot of links linked to it looks good to a search engine. The more trustworthy the website that has links linked to your website, the higher rank your website is.
  • Words in links: Links that have words similar to the search query term will rank higher
  • Reputation: those sites with fresh and constant updated contents and a record of having high reputation is a strong advantage.


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