How to be famous on Youtube: secret revealed


How did Psy’s Gangnam style become a worldwide culture? How did Justin Bieber rise in popularity? Have you ever wondered whether these viral videos are by accident or according to plan? What is the secret of those wide-sharing Youtube videos?

According to Kevin Allocca, Trends Manager at Youtube, viral videos can be created and planned. The 3 elements for a successful viral clip include:

1/ Tastemaker: spot which influencers, opinion leaders and celebrities fit your video’s style and most likely to able to share and spread your clip. After that, pay them to have them write about your clip on their online social page, such as Facebook or Twitter or blogs.

2/ Easy to participate: the easier the clip can be made as parodies, the more likely it will be spread. Have a look at Google’s Parisian Love Youtube video. Any computer amateurs can make the same clip and post it on Youtube as a parody. After that, Google even came up with a special online tool that helped any Internet users to create their own video using the same concept! So easy to spread, share and participate!

3/ Unpredicted: Last but not least, it is about the content of the video. Be unique! The availability of PR agency and your rich pocket cannot ensure a constant virality of the clip. It is my view that this element is the most important one.

Now, let’s watch Kevin Allocca talking in depth about these 3 elements:

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