Case study: Guinness- Wheelchair Basketball ad

Guinness wheelchair

BBDO New York recently created a beautiful TVC for Guinness, which has been widely shared around the community. What we can learn from this ad is the way they lead a story to connect to a brand without destroying it when people realize it’s just an ad. It encourages people to share because the opening story makes the objective of an ad more subtle to customers. (You know that feeling when watching a touching story or action movie scene and then it ends by throwing at your face the brand and say use this because it will help you do what we showed you. I hate those ads.) In addition, the message of the brand is delivered clearly, unlike some ads tell a very good story but in the end, customers cannot remember what the brand is.

Contrary to what we usually see in beer advertisements, which often include healthy image of men, this ad chooses the men in wheelchairs, and still deliver strongly their masculinity. The climax of the ad must be the moment when every men except one stood up from their wheelchairs, leaving a sudden emotional rush. With a happy image of friends cheering with Guinness at the end, the friendship value between men are boosted high. The story told has laid a beautiful reason for the friendship attribute Guinness wants to deliver.

Let’s enjoy the ad!

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