The Power of Words- A piece of meaningful ad

The power of words is demonstrated not only from fact that the old blind man gets more donated money, but also from the emotional burst of the viewers. After watching this, surely anyone would want to yell out that is so true, a change of words would create huge differences. We all know this, but forget or ignore it. I love this ad because it is not only an ad, but a powerful message that makes people realize something. It also implies that a change of perspectives allows us to have a different opinion and attitude, which could bring more positive results.

Among all ads types, I believe this is the most effective. It makes people think and satisfy with what they just realize. It brings message benefits that the viewers would  actively try to remember. And the most important part is that it highlights how meaningful the service is, which makes it perfectly appropriate for people to advertise and spread this message to people around.

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