Case study: The Tutu Project- More than a love story


Listen to an extraordinary story!


After Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob began taking photos of himself in the pink tutu in order to simply make his wife laugh and forget about the pain. When Linda took these photos to her Chemo treatment centre and showed to other women in the same situation, the photos made Linda and other women laugh. Realizing this, Bob took a step further, to not only support his wife, but also the whole breast cancer community. Now, the Tutu Project ( has spread virally and  has started its fundraising mission.

What a love of Bob and Linda! And how beautiful they are to share and spread this love to the same other unfortunate.

The success elements of this project includes:

  • An extraordinary real love story!
  • A simple and meaningful message: ” …the only thing- we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves, and share a laugh with others”

  • Simple and creative execution via photography
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