Case study: OMO- Say it with kids

Brand: OMO- Unilever

Objectives: With Tet coming around, OMO wants to say thank you to its customers in order to increase brand loyalty and to be the most loved brand during Tet.

Big idea: Say it with kids- let the kids be OMO’s voice to thank the mothers

Execution: The brand reached school children to give them materials to plant a seed and design their own pots for their mothers.Additionally, it had a microsite for e-seed growth for kids they could not reach. Then, these pots were sent to the mothers on Tet day.

To support the campaign, TVC and outdoor advertising were applied. Noticeably, one “landmark billboard mural” made from 1 million flowers was created.

Result: Recorded to score 8.7/10 in a post-Tet track done by Nielsen, OMO was the most loved brand during Tet. Its TVC was voted to be the  favorite TVC during Tet. Moreover, the ROI of the campaign was significant, gaining a return of $2.33 for every dollar spent.

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