Case study: Nescafe 3in1- 1,000 Hanoian conversations

Brand: Nescafe 3in1- Nestle Vietnam

Challenge: Even though Nescafe 3in1 instant coffee was a nationwide market leader, it faced huge competition from G7 instant coffee in Hanoi, where people are more traditional and prefer local brand like G7.

Objectives: The campaign was to build loyalty among traditional and nationalistic Hanoi residents for Nescafe 3in1.

Big idea: 1,000 Hanoian conversations over a Nescafe

Execution: Via TVC, it featured Hanoi people discussing what they love about their city with a Nescafe cup on their hands. To support this ad, a campaign website was built in order to encourage people to share their Hanoi stories.

Results: Brand loyalty grew by 17% points, compared to previous campaign result of at best 5% points. Market share in Hanoi also increased significantly by 7.4%, much higher than its previous target of 2%.

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