The Not-blinking World Record, a brilliant creative piece or a branding failure?


Winning a bronze at the Cannes Lions Festival in 2008, this Commercial performed by Dentsu is a good example of a creativity and branding conflict. While  the brilliance and creativity on this commercial is exceptional, on the Branding perspectives, the ads are likely to fail if presenting to most other clients.

The reason is mainly due to lack of a differentiation element. While the TVC does imbue the “likeability” element, there is a serious lack of a BRAND IMPRESSION. The ads is just a generic claim of a delicious chocolate product. Thus, even though the audience might like and share the ads, they aren’t likely to have any memory of the brand advertised or any Unique Selling Point of the brand offered.

Moreover, the commercial does not guarantee strong BRANDING. The last seconds of the brand appearance cannot ensure the strength of the brand. Not to say this commercial might lead to mis-attribution, when consumers attribute this TVC’s emotion to the competitor brands. The creativity property surely overempowers the brand element over there. Watch the TVC and give your feedback!

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