Case study: Lynx- Primal Instinct Digital Campaign


Challenge: Launching the new Instinct product of the Lynx line, the challenge is how to exceed sales figures achieved by the previous year’s Lynx product “Dark temptation”, add an additional 10,000 registered users to the Lynx online database and interact with 400,00-plus members of the core target demographic.

Target: 14-21 males who are already familiar with Lynx brand

Budget: 100-200k USD

Big idea: Using an online game called “Primary Instinct”, customers can step into the shoes of a caveman who goes around to discover and meet HOT CAVE BABES!

Execution: While the center is the online game, the surrounding supported media include:

  • Interactive ads, for example, online banners that provide game codes
  • Social network: players can create their own profile on Myspace or Beb and receive contents such as wallpapers, icons and the Iphone app
  • Iphone app: A supported Iphone app that give tips for playing the games
  • PS3 and Xbox Live: in-game advertising
  • Ralph and FHM: promotion and game codes, driving traffic to the game
  • Cinema: 15-sec TVC before the movies start
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