Case study: “Please Do Not Search” Campaign- By Dentsu

Have you ever thought why as a kid (and even adult), you were always tempting to do things your parents told you not to do? There is no coincidence in the story of Adam and Eva, in which they could not stop themselves from exploring the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden. It is nature of people to get curious about things they cannot access or own. And any good Marketers should acknowledge and take advantage of this: creating a limited edition, having an exclusive distribution channel or in today’s example, a DO-NOT DO THIS to the audience to make them do it.

It began with a seem-to-be silly commercial shown on late-night TV in Japan. The ads ran:”Jump Square”, announced the upcoming release of a manga magazine, but then warned the customers they should not search for Jump Square on the Internet.

So, the reaction? People rushed to the official site. Yet, they could see no thing. But to the best of their surprise, the patient visitors who stayed at the site for 20 seconds saw the site begin the change. Jump Square manga characters began to climb out, tearing the site’s warning apart.

You can guess the widespread later on of this campaign. Brilliant idea, isn’t it?

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