Why modern Marketers MUST know Inbound Marketing?


Have you ever heard about the term Inbound Marketing? If you haven’t, chances are you will feel really appreciated towards this blog entry. For a quick introduction about Inbound Marketing, it is a “pull approach” that lures your customers into finding more about you rather than “push” and bombard them with messages.

In the era of information, customers’ attention span is getting super tiny. Try this task: walk the street for about 1 km or simpler, surf the Internet for 5 minutes. And count how many ads and information approach you and how many can keep your attention. The old one-way information flow in Marketing has turned more interactive, social and digital. Customers nowadays do not sit and wait for information, but are readily accessible to the content they want to reach. In Inbound Marketing, we lure customers to us by providing useful, beneficial, relevant and interactive content. In other words, the modern marketers do not stop at bringing value to their business, but also bring value to their customers.

How? 3 very important keywords you should remember: CONTENT, CONTENT and CONTENT.

Content is king. What does content include? They can be blogs, social media updates, infographics, videos, images or any information type that the customers find relevant and useful.

It’s a FREE! World!

People love Free. Micro-businesses have been aware of this method since the Internet boom. They shout out on their websites: FREE Ebooks, FREE videos, FREE tickets, FREE templates, etc. And amazingly, that is also how we Google stuff for the content we like. Have you ever searched with the keywords, such as free [name] e-book and free [software] download?

Once you click those search results, they will often require you to subscribe your e-mail to get the free stuff, or if the content is varied enough, you will bookmark their website by yourself. From this step, customers are open and willing to accept your information, your persuasion towards purchases.

Simple, isn’t it? Um…

What makes this SIMPLE idea NOT SIMPLE at all?

Inbound marketing takes Human as a centre. The Marketing managers must have a very deep sense of customers and products understanding in order to create relevant and interesting content. They must have a relevant passion and be able to share that Passion with their customers. In addition, the Internet is already flooded with content, thus making yours more and more difficult to stand out.

But don’t worry! There is no limit on ideas. And you can always find a niche where you will lure your customers from.

For the next blog entry, I will introduce some excellent case studies that will help you get a better view on Inbound Marketing. Have a nice weekend, everyone! J

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