Case study: AirAsia Friendsy Social Marketing campaign

Social media allows the modern marketers to create low-cost viral marketing campaign that has never happened before. The digital technology empowers the Social Media to become much more powerful than the traditional Word of mouth. From 1 person, the message does not only spread to 2 or 3 any more, but is shown to hundreds or thousands on the Facebook Newsfeed. Every kind of news is getting more real-time via self-publishing and spreading on the Social network. There are so many case studies of social marketing campaigns of brands who can utilize this social feature. However, this one of Air Asia is one of my best favourites. It is straightforward, simple, powerful and has taken the Social feature of Facebook to the extreme.

Case study Introduction

Air Asia is a Malaysian low-cost airline. When they first launched flights to Australia, customers’ awareness of Air Asia is very little, while the competition is intense. With the objective of raising brand awareness, they launched a Facebook campaign, which offered a pretty cool incentive: free plane for a flight.

On the Facebook of Air Asia, an app was created that allowed a Facebook user to allocate hundreds of their friends to airplane seats by tagging their names. What I love about this is the “tagging to allocate” idea gives a perfect excuse and incentives for Facebook users to tag their friends in a photo. Come on, I tag you not for my own goods of winning a chance to have a free flight, but you also have the chance to go to Kuala Lumpa, right?

As a result of the campaign, AirAsia are on track to double the number of daily flights from Sydney. They also received earned media of $1,627,593, grew its Facebook Fan page by 30% and received 12,500 entries, reaching 2,291,483 people on Facebook.

For clearer illustration, view this video:


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