Dove- Choose Beauty campaign

The latest talk-about #ChooseBeautiful Dove campaign pulled numerous opposite opinions. The idea is that women tend to underestimate their beauty, and will feel much more “empowered” if they choose to describe themselves as beautiful. To bring this into execution, they set up door signs as below:

Has Dove pushed it too far from the original advocacy for female confidence? By placing the two options (and forcing the customers to choose one), does it help “awaken” and “empower” women or is it just confusing and annoying people?

Dove has talked too much. Women’s confidence about their beauty is important, but it is not for other people to judge. It does not mean a woman choosing an average door should feel embarrassed or shy about their appearance. What Dove is really saying is: “We don’t care what you really feel. If you choose average, you are an unconfident woman.” Dove is acting as a Saint, who feels pity for people who don’t feel any pity about themselves.

This door case puts the consumers in uneasy decision. “I told you. You see, you see, those women will choose the Average door”. seemed to be muttering by Dove in happiness. And no wonder why the people passing the Average door feels bad about themselves. They are forced to be put in this decision, which has no relevance to their confidence whatsoever.

That’s my opinion. What do you think?

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