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The Best academy to learn irresistible winning copy: Copyblogger

If anyone hasn’t read this page, I would strongly recommend it. Forget the lengthy books on copywriting or headlines. Copyblogger is a living evidence of how writing excellent headlines can bring so much money. See copyblogger:

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Insight Before Execution – When The Magic Is In The Logic

Originally posted on (un)common sense and bravery:
From Droga5 Sydney comes this brilliant idea: “The VB Drinking Chip”. It’s a snack developed to compliment a chilled VB beer, making you drink more of it. It’s allegedly the “The best…

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Review of “Emotion in Advertising: Pervasive, Yet Misunderstood” By Millward Brown

“[The] attempts to classify responses as emotional versus rational are often pointless, as the assumed dichotomy is a false and misleading one.” Beginning of this article is a very clear statement of his Millward Brown’s argument: there is no point in … Continue reading

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IKEA store- Facebook campaign

Facebook campaign are everywhere today, however, it is so hard to find one that makes us feel motivated enough to engage in. Among those clusters, today I’ve just come across this interesting campaign. With very simple idea applying for a … Continue reading

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The O&M Guide to Effectiveness

The magical slides that will guide you throughout your advertising career

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Wake up! Nobody cares about Brands!

Pin this in front of your office desk : “CONSUMERS DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR BRAND.” As marketers, we should not forget how ordinary consumers really interact with Brands. The fact is: “most consumers don’t give a shit about … Continue reading

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