Wake up! Nobody cares about Brands!

Pin this in front of your office desk : “CONSUMERS DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR BRAND.”

As marketers, we should not forget how ordinary consumers really interact with Brands. The fact is: “most consumers don’t give a shit about your brand”, as one senior Ad Executive once told me.

According to a survey of IBM Institute for Business Value, 60-65% of business leaders believe that consumers follow their brands on social media because they want to be a part of a community. In contrast, this is only agreed by 25-30% of the consumers. The top reason why consumers follow a brand on social media is … to get discounts. Although this research is done in American market, these findings cannot be much different in Vietnam market, where perception and understanding about branding is surely less developed than the US’s business leaders.

This “consumers don’t give shit” idea is just the basics of marketing. However, when the report of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science “Shopping Takes Only Seconds…In-Store and Online” was published, people were shocked. Everyone was reminded once again, that for the vast majority of brands, when consumers buy, they just buy.

If marketers assume that consumers will think of the brand’s print ads, TVCs or Facebook page when standing in front of the supermarket shelves, then they are dead wrong. Ordinary consumers have millions of things to worry and think about, thus there is no place for an ad in their memory. So how do they make purchase decisions? They just do it, most of the time in an instinct way. The reason is purchases, like any other activities of humans, are mostly run automatically and subconsciously by our mind. In fact, most decisions of humans are already “planned” and “decided” without us consciously thinking about. (Read more about in “Thinking, Fast and Slow” book of Dr. Daniel Kahneman)

Now, the BIG question:If people don’t think much about brands, WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING IN CONSUMERS’ PURCHASE DECISIONS?

Straight to the point, the role of Advertising is to construct a noticeable brand presence in consumers memory so that in those flash shopping seconds, consumers can recognize our brand in the cluster and pick it out after a quick packaging and price comparison.

So, to sum up, remember that nobody cares about your brands. But the good news is THEY DO SUBCONSCIOUSLY CARE.

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One Response to Wake up! Nobody cares about Brands!

  1. phuonghoblog says:

    Good article! Advertising still work!


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