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Newspapers articles that inspire a PR campaign

“Advertising can only maintain brands that have been created by publicity.” This can be the summarized sentence of the well-known book “The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR” by Al Ries and his daughter Laura Ries. Even though … Continue reading

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Cheap doesn’t sell!

There is a mistake when it comes to marketing low-price brands. Low-price brands should not be called “cheap”. There is a difference between affordable and cheap. People buy affordable brands, not cheap brands. This is a brand image problem that … Continue reading

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Think you have a better brand strategy than your client? Think again.

Advertising agency is the expert in branding and communication. This is true; however, as agency, we should not overestimate our expertise and oversimplify the branding process. Often, we forget that brand is not only expressed via communication process, but is … Continue reading

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