Customers insight lies within context

Everything happens in context. So is a brand choice. On discovering customers insight, our mindset is very important. The mistake we often make is to think only about the customer and the brand when finding insight. We forget that customers are people, they have life, and brand is the super tiny part in people’s life. Hence, thinking only about customer and brand accidentally sets the mindset that the brand is important.

Remember as always, people don’t give a f*** about brands. Instead, start by telling ourselves that the brand is only important in certain occasion of people’s life, and try to find out how the brand makes people’s life better in those certain occasion. It’s not about brand and people, but about brand, people and their life.

There is one question I find super powerful: “In that situation, why people choose brand/ product A, but not another? ” The answer to this question reveals exactly the reason behind why people choose a brand, which often provides more insightful and helpful finding than the general question “Why do people choose brand/ product A?”. I would like to call this the power of context.

Insight only works in context, can only be realized in context and can only be touched in context. That’s why brand only works in context. That’s why 333 is drunk at home, not Budweiser. That’s why Budweiser is drunk at clubs, not 333.

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One Response to Customers insight lies within context

  1. phuonghoblog says:

    Love your thought. Dont sell your product, USP or positioning. People dont care. Sell situation/context that you brand/ product can fit in. Done. CocaCola is good example.

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