It is chaos



The creative world is a chaotic world.

For those who think it is just a poetic portrait, it is true and untrue. True in terms of its fanciness, but untrue for what they don’t know the pain people suffer behind the scene.

In the creative world, everything just gets …creative. Out of the norm.

For those who think there is a creative process, it is true and untrue. True, because there’s actually somehow a process. But untrue, because I wonder whether that “process” should be called as a “process” at all.

Creative process  is an exploratory process fuelled by emotion and pop-up thinking, or another name, unconsciousness. What is crazy about this process is that they don’t have one process. Imagine a road where everyone can go left or right, forward or backward in whatever direction they like. Imagine a 2-D world, someday turns 3-D, then 4-D. If we try to make sense in a 4D world, it’s beyond our conscious thinking ability.





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