“What the heck is Insight & How to find it?” ebook is now live on Amazon!

My first e-book is now live on Amazon! The title says it all. This is an e-book all about INSIGHT that answers the fundamental questions: Why? What? Where? And how to discover insight?

This e-book is a result of my one-year experience as a lecturer at AIM Academy of Marketing Communication. During the time, I struggled to find the best way to teach “insight” to my students, because “insight” is an abstract and tricky topic that cannot be explained easily in words.

I figured out that it requires more than a blog post or a class, but a book to explain insight much more thoroughly. Hopefully with this attempt, many more beginners can find insight much easier to understand and can apply insight-thinking to their daily jobs immediately!

Discover my new ebook by clicking the link here, or the book photo right below:

Hope you enjoy it!

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