Pedal with Pride

Problem: around 8 million Indian children cannot go to school because of long distance between home and school. Therefore, Tour De India 2012 Cyclothon came up with an initiative to collect old bicycles to help the children.

Best copywriting-led Ads: Celebrating the Craft & Ideation of Copywriting

Speed speed speed. In this world of “always-on”, “real-time” content, speed is killing the craft. We start to build content factory, where efficiency is prioritized. Content, in the aspect of Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing makes sense when it comes to mass production. However, content, in the aspect of an advertisement, including a social post, should focus on quality rather than quantity. I still don’t understand why many brands are so keen on producing tons of ad with average quality, instead of focusing on a few that are really impressive.

I believe in the power of Crafting of a good copywriter. For some cases, I believe the Crafting is even more important on the Ideation. Because sometimes, ideas come after hours of you throwing out thoughts and hours of editing them.

In celebrating the Craft and the Ideation, this blog post compiles a Gallery of best copy-led ads, which comes in a variety of forms. To be updated frequently.

1. Ricola- Print ad

2. Garage Hard Lemonade- Print ad

3. Citibank- Print ad

4. Daihatsu- Print ad

5. Hyposwiss- Print ad

6. Porsche- Print Ad

7. Swisslife- Print ads Series

8. Avis

9. Harrisons’ fund- Print ad

10. University of Oxford- Print ad

11. Nike

12. Fedex- Print ad

12. Unknown

13. Tic Tac- Print ad

13. Durex – Print ad

14. Aspirina- Print ad series

15. Unknown

E-Moving Steep Discount

To drive sales of its e-bikes, E-Moving created a digital tool that created discounts based on the steep inclines they have to ride over on their journey to and from work.

The website used the topographical data from Google Maps and adjusted the prices of e-bikes accordingly. The more challenging the route, the bigger the discounts.


A good business solution that combines between creative and technology.



Wedel’s “Hear Taste”

Chocolate is a very sensual product, but we normally can only dramatize the “tastiness” of chocolate through visuals. When Wedel launches its new Dark Chocolate, it wants to bring tastiness to a whole new level, which requires more than tasty visuals.
The campaign strategy came from the unique process of making this chocolate: only oil used in its production in cocoa oil. This unique process results in a very unique sound that this Wedel Dark chocolate makes.
To bring the idea to life, the agency uses the latest trend in producing audio-induced experiences: ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).
Read the campaign in more details here:

For more information about ASMR, watch some top Youtube videos exploiting on this trend:

Miserable in Puerto Rico

Watch how JWT Puerto Rico caught the opportunity and brought $15 million in earned media from $8,000 investment. Awesome!

Note: The viral story of the Miserable guy was real. JWT Puerto Rico realized the opportunity after the story went viral, and proposed a make-up trip for his family.